Interloper is out now! Comments
May 21, 2015, written by Eline Game Development, Interloper

Interloper trailer

It’s finally here! Interloper is out today on PC, Mac, and Linux!
There’s a 20% discount on Steam during launch week, so head over to the store page to get it:
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Interloper Beta Stats Comments
March 13, 2015, written by Maxim Uncategorized

Open beta and new team member! Comments
January 22, 2015, written by Simon Interloper, Monogon

Because it’s been a while since our last post we thought it would be a good idea to inform you of our latest developments concerning Interloper and Monogon. Continue reading


Open beta postponed until January 2015 Comments
November 28, 2014, written by Simon Interloper

We have some bad news. We have decided to postpone the beta until January 2015. This is due to Interloper not being Greenlit yet and us feeling the game is not finished enough to have you play it. Continue reading


Discontinuing Aril, Announcing Interloper Comments
July 25, 2014, written by Simon Aril, Interloper, Projects

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve announced our new game Interloper this week. What you might not have noticed is that we also discontinued Aril. Interloper is Aril’s spiritual successor. This means it is in a lot of ways similar to Aril but has enough big changes to be considered a different game. I’m going to talk about all the differences between Interloper and Aril to show you exactly how Interloper is different from Aril.
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