Pick your poison
December 26, 2012, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design, Story

In the world of Aril it is important to know who you are and to who you belong. It’d be weird to fight a battle on the wrong side, right? So, to give the players the freedom of who they are but are still part of the faction of their choosing, we thought a lot about customization in Aril.

There are seven factions in Aril each fighting over a newly found dimension. These factions are ruled by overlords, big mighty entities who all feel they are the best. These overlords each have a distinctive look, which we’ll get to later. However, we want the player to be able to play with the looks they like without being restricted to what overlord they chose to fight for. But still, choosing to what overlord you pledge your alliance can determine the overall feel of your game. There is no difference in gameplay, although the one you fight for is without question the best. Obviously.

You play as one of the many commanders of these overlords. These commanders are named Yeons, they lead to smaller soldiers (called Arils) in battle and claim territory for the overlord they fight for. It is of course important to have a sense of fashion, because if you lack proper looks all the small Arils will make fun of you. You can choose one of the many ‘outfits’ of Yeons as your own, and to spare you the ridicule, we selected only those that are fashionable in the world of Aril.

But what do your fighters look like? It would be awkward to have a mighty looking opponent commanding an army of cute, helpless Arils. So again, it is important to make yourself look powerful and cunning. You have no idea what it’s like, being ridiculed by Arils and Yeons of all sizes. But not to worry, a lot of Arils that might look cute to you are actually really brave and strong.

So now that we have seen only a glimpse of the possible looks of your Yeon and Arils, it is interesting to note that many outfits come in pairs. Matching outfits for your Yeon and Arils, like twins. But then different. Because we are really quite nice, we decided you can pick any outfit independently. Like, not in pairs. So that means you can looks fierce and cute both at once, if you wish. But remember what I told about ridiculing the way you look? Yeah, we won’t laugh. We won’t.