Open beta and new team member!
January 22, 2015, written by Simon Interloper, Monogon

Because it’s been a while since our last post we thought it would be a good idea to inform you of our latest developments concerning Interloper and Monogon.

As many of you know, tomorrow will be the first day of our 10-day Interloper beta! Submissions for the beta are still open and will remain open until February 1st, and everybody who signs up will receive a key. ( yay :D ) We’ll probably host another beta later, so even signing up after February 1st will be worth your while.

Secondly, we’re very excited to announce a new member of the Monogon team! Eline Muijres (@ElineMuijres) will be filling the role of producer, this includes PR, marketing and community management. Eline is super cool and we’re happy to have her on board!

The beta will be held on Steam from January 23rd until February 1st. The beta is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, and supports online multiplayer in contradiction to the alpha version. We’ve also added some new features including an entirely new unit!

We hope you’ll all enjoy the beta and in case you run in to any bugs or other problems or have any feedback or suggestions, please post them on our forum.