Discontinuing Aril, Announcing Interloper
July 25, 2014, written by Simon Aril, Interloper, Projects

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve announced our new game Interloper this week. What you might not have noticed is that we also discontinued Aril. Interloper is Aril’s spiritual successor. This means it is in a lot of ways similar to Aril but has enough big changes to be considered a different game. I’m going to talk about all the differences between Interloper and Aril to show you exactly how Interloper is different from Aril.

The name
One thing that was really bad about Aril was its name. It doesn’t really sound good, it is hard to pronounce (it sounds like you’re saying ‘arrow’), and it has no actual connection to the game or its story. Interloper on the other hand has great significance to the lore of the game.

The visuals
The easiest change to notice is the change in visual style. We had several important reasons for this overhaul, the first and foremost reason being appealing to the target audience. Another reason is that the art style of Aril would give off the impression that it’s a casual game. Both Aril and Interloper are far from casual but it’s important that they won’t be mistaken for it. Third, we experienced a lot of problems with readability in Aril. Because Aril features seven factions, each with their own color, there weren’t a lot of colors left to use for units and environment resulting in everything besides territory being white, gray, or black. The final reason is that it is a lot more appealing in general. You can see for yourself below.

The code base
Aril was originally written in C++ with openGL. We decided that the added performance with this combination was negligible compared to the development time we would save when using C# with XNA. We started anew and developed our own framework called Hypergon along the way. This also improves the flexibility we have for implementing new features like the camera system we used to record the trailer.

The gameplay
Although Interloper has gameplay very similar to Aril there are some drastic changes in the design that give Interloper an entirely different feel and pacing compared to Aril. Aril has a very minimalist design in both gameplay and visual style. We stepped away from that with Interloper and made some serious additions we will tell you more about in a few weeks.

The audio
Along with new visuals come new sound effects and new music. I can tell you about the new style of music and sound effects but it would be better to hear for yourselves. We’ll let you hear some of it soon enough.

So there you have it, all the differences between Interloper and Aril. Stay tuned for some pretty cool updates concerning Interloper in the near future.