March 28, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design, Gameplay, Monogon, Technical

Alright, here are some questions we have recently heard a lot and we decided to put together this list.


Q: What is Aril?

A: Aril is a unique fast-paced multiplayer strategy game designed to be very easy to learn but very hard to master. Because the gameplay is very pure in strategy, being skilled truly makes you better.


Q: What is the difference between Aril and any other real-time strategy (like Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Age of Empires etc.)?

A: First of all, the goal of Aril is not to defeat your opponents but to conquer more territory than the enemies. This makes the way you play the game very different from others. Secondly, there are no resources except time and territory. We consider time a resource because drones spawn over time and if you spend your time more efficiently you get closer to your goal. Assemblers spawn drones quicker when you have more territory attached to them.

There are many more differences, but these are the ones that might confuse players most.


Q: Drones? What are drones?

A: We changed the names of things a bit. We decided to do this because ‘Yeons’, ‘Arils’ and ‘Ranae’ aren’t as easy to remember and don’t really give you a clear idea of what they are and do. Aril now solely refers to the world the game takes place in. Arils are now called Drones, Yeons are now Sentinels and Ranae became Assemblers.


Q: Are the only units available to the player Sentinels and Drones?

A: Yes, these are the only two units in the game. This is mainly to prevent the rock-paper-scissor effect most strategy games have. Why we don’t want this in Aril is because it complicates things in a way that’s really unnecessary. By having limited amounts of units, we can make the importance of each unit bigger.


Q: What’s with the graphics?

A: We are working really really hard to make the game a lot prettier. We went through a lot of art styles we weren’t really happy with, but now we finally found the right one. Because we are still working out the details it takes a while to actually have something presentable ready, but we promise it will look a lot better soon.


Q: On what platforms do you plan to release Aril?

A: For starters we want to make the PC, Mac and Linux version work really well. This means we design the game to be played on these platforms. However, we are very interested in running Aril on tablets or maybe even smartphones, but we’ll look into these platforms after the PC, Mac and Linux version are out.


Q: Any estimate on when there will be something for us to play?

A: Sadly, not really. Because we are all still studying, we cannot work on Aril full-time. Also because there are only three of us, it takes quite some time to make the game. We will have a public beta and we will let you know when.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them anywhere (comments / twitter / facebook etc.).