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Where are we now? Comments
March 21, 2013, written by Simon Aril, Monogon

I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on with Aril, mainly because I’ve heard this question a lot lately. We haven’t talked about Aril in a while but I can assure you we are working very hard. The reason we haven’t had any new developments to show is because the engine is being rewritten in MonoGame. This allows us to easily port the game to other platforms. But that’s not all folks. Continue reading


Our experience in the Dutch Game Garden Comments
March 7, 2013, written by Ingmar Game Industry, Monogon

Despite the Netherlands being such a small country, the Dutch game industry is quite active. One of the clearest examples of this is the Dutch Game Garden. This is a complex of offices ranging from quite small to large enough for 20 people. Here you can rent an office relatively cheap (subsidised by quite a lot of things) and it is the perfect place to work from.

However, the office itself is by far not the only appealing thing the DGG has to offer. Read more after the break… Continue reading


About us Comments
December 13, 2012, written by Monogon Monogon

So it has been a couple of months since we launched the website and presented the first footage of our game Aril, and though you might be getting some idea of what we’re making, you probably don’t know a lot about who we are yet. So no new info on Aril today (sorry guys, but don’t worry, we will have some cool stuff to show you before the end of the year) but I’m going to tell you a bit about Monogon. Continue reading


Hello there! Comments
September 6, 2012, written by Monogon Monogon

Hi everyone!

As you might have guessed, this is our newly created blog. On this blog we will share our development process and let you guys know what we are up to. If there is something interesting going on, we might share our opinion on the matter too. We’ll see. Continue reading


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