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Open beta and new team member! Comments
January 22, 2015, written by Simon Interloper, Monogon

Because it’s been a while since our last post we thought it would be a good idea to inform you of our latest developments concerning Interloper and Monogon. Continue reading


Site update Comments
November 23, 2013, written by Monogon Monogon

Hey Guys! We just renewed the site. It is more accessible now and shows more information. We also plan to update the blog more frequently starting this Monday. Take a look around and let us know what you think! Continue reading


Indigo 2013 and feedback on Aril Comments
September 29, 2013, written by Maxim Aril, Design, Game Industry, Monogon

We had the lovely privilege of being invited to show our game at this year’s Indigo in Utrecht. Together with 25 other games we got to present Aril in the beautiful city hall of Utrecht to a wide array of wonderful people.

Image courtesy of @conventcrashers Continue reading


What is Mono-going-on? Comments
June 16, 2013, written by Simon Aril, Monogon

So because it’s been a while since our last blog post I figure I better write one so you guys don’t get the idea we aren’t working. A lot has happened since last time, we’ve had some serious delay though. As we mentioned before our team shrunk to a size of three, sadly this ex-member caused a lot of trouble which really slowed us down and demotivated us but we’ll tell that story some other time. Continue reading


F.A.Q. Comments
March 28, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design, Gameplay, Monogon, Technical

Alright, here are some questions we have recently heard a lot and we decided to put together this list.

Q: What is Aril?

A: Aril is a unique fast-paced multiplayer strategy game designed to be very easy to learn but very hard to master. Because the gameplay is very pure in strategy, being skilled truly makes you better. Continue reading


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